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History of Key West Walking Tour

Created by Clio Admin on March 9th 2021, 2:37:43 pm.

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This relatively short walk through the northeastern portion of Key West was designed to connect people to over twenty historical and cultural landmarks in the shortest walk possible. The tour starts at a former naval station command headquarters in the Spanish American War that later became the favorite working vacation spot of President Harry S. Truman. The tour makes its way towards the famed Mallory Square but bypasses many of the tourist traps to focus on historic buildings and museums as it turns south and follows Duval Street. Highlights of the tour include the Key West Museum of Art and History in the former customshouse, the naval depot and storehouse, a maritime museum, the Key West Women's Club, a theater built by Cuban exiles, a historic hotel, and a museum that shares the history of competing crews that rushed to salvage shipwrecked vessels--both to save lives and claim the valuable cargo aboard. Several other stops on the tour are related to military history or famous island residents and visitors such as Ernest Hemingway.