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Phillips Academy campus history tour

Created by Paige Roberts on November 11th 2019, 8:48:53 pm.

This tour includes stops in the original Phillips Academy and Andover Theological Seminary campuses as well as Abbot Academy. Historical and cultural landmarks in the central campus and faculty row are included. Phillips Academy is located on Indigenous land. We acknowledge our presence on the traditional land of the Pennacook Confederacy, Wabanaki Confederacy, and Wampanoag Peoples. We honor the land we occupy and all the Indigenous peoples who were here at the time before and of colonization, are here now, and will be here in the future. We recognize that we are guests on this land and must be mindful of our impact. With this acknowledgement, we are committing to continuously be mindful of the land we are on, and work towards dismantling the ongoing legacies of settler colonialism.