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Thomas Paine wrote one of the most important pamphlets in American history, when he penned "Common Sense" in support of America's independence from Great Britain. In New Rochelle, New York, his house still stands today as a museum, in which his life is celebrated. Operated by the Huguenot and New Rochelle Historical Society, the Thomas Paine Cottage is currently a historic house museum. The museum works to preserve and teach about both the life of Thomas Paine and the history of the city of New Rochelle.

  • Thomas Paine Memorial
  • Sophia Brewster Schoolhouse
  • Thomas Paine Cottage

Author of the legendary pamphlet "Common Sense", Thomas Paine is regarded as one of the most outspoken founding fathers in America's war for independence from Great Britain. His house, which still stands today in New Rochelle, New York, is located on a 300 acre lot which was gifted to Paine by the state of New York. Also on the property sits, the Sophia Brewster Schoolhouse, which is the oldest free-standing school in the city.

The Thomas Paine Cottage is currently a historic house museum, operated by the Huguenot and New Rochelle Historical Society, which is open to the public. The different rooms of the house feature a wide variety of exhibits and displays, including furniture given to Paine by Ben Franklin. Many of the rooms are decorated to give visitors a glimpse into life during the 18th century and hold historical artifacts which give glimpses into the history of New Rochelle as well.

Paine's cottage is the last house that the founding father owned in his life and today, it serves as a tribute to his work in America's fight for freedom. The Huguenot and New Rochelle Historical Society host countless events in the Thomas Paine Cottage, Sophia Brewster Schoolhouse and on the property grounds to held teach future generations about the history of both Thomas Paine and the city of New Rochelle. The cottage is open three days a week (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) from 10 AM to 5 PM and admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12.