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The Country Club Plaza: A Journey Through Time

Created by Nichole Stahly on April 8th 2022, 6:13:16 pm.

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This comprehensive tour takes users on a journey to a variety of notable sites and landmarks around Kansas City's renowned Country Club Plaza. Developed by J.C. Nichols in the early 1920s, the Plaza was the nation's first planned suburban shopping district with the automobile in mind. It features wide streets, welcoming sidewalks, and lots of [free] parking. The Plaza was originally the site of a swamp and rock quarry but has become known as the heart of Kansas City. It was designed using Spanish-influenced architecture and features a variety of artwork, including statues, fountains, and mosaic tiles, around every corner, in alleyways, and tucked into the beautiful landscape. Known as the City of Fountains, Kansas City contains over 200 private and publicly owned fountains, and is believed to have more than any other city other than Rome. Some of the most iconic and historical Kansas City fountains are located here at the Country Club Plaza. If time does not permit to explore this extended tour, a shorter, more concise tour named “The Heart of the Country Club Plaza” is also available.