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This three story building was moved to this current location in 1927. It's original location was on the site of Fort Craig Elementary School. It has evolved from beginning as a 1-year institution in 1913, to a 2-year institution in 1915, to finally a 4-year institution leading to the official opening of the high school in 1917.

  • Typing Class: notice the fabric blind used to hide the keys as the students typed
  • Senator Lamar Alexander a graduate of Maryville High School
  • Dr. Penny Ferguson receiving recognitionin 2019  for teaching 50 years. S

Maryville High School has created a reputation for itself based on the dedication to excellence since its opening in 1917. The rebels are always striving to be the best in academics, athletics, and through the arts. Something that has changed is the structure of the building and the diversity of the student body. There have been multiple additions to the building since the move in 1927 and it is constantly advancing through technology and other additions. Maryville High School did not integrate until 9 years after the Board vs. Education ruling. The majority of the student body is still white, but they did integrate in 1963. Students that first integrated had a hard transition; they felt they were never treated equally, had to be escorted in and out of school by police officers, were banned from morning devotions, and fell back on church as a safety net.

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