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Overlooking the city of Reading, the Pagoda is of the oldest and most beloved landmarks to the locals.Located on top of Mt. Penn, it is a historical landmark more than 100 years old. With such an odd and out of place look that the building has, the unforgettable views of the city and sunsets are ones you will never forget. The Pagoda can be seen all around the City of Reading and is a sign to all that live there and is the surrounding cities that you are close to home.

  • The Pagoda with the City of Reading behind it
  • City of Reading street with the Pagoda overlooking it from Mt. Penn
The Pagoda is located atop Mount Penn overlooking the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. The land it sits on was purchased by William A. Witman Sr. for $50,000 in 1906. He finished building the Pagoda in 1908. His dream was to build a luxury resort, but unfortunately due to a bank foreclosure and getting denied a liquor license, he never opened the Pagoda. In 1910, the Pagoda and surrounding 10 acres were deeded to a local business owner Jonathan Mould and wife. They ended up selling the Pagoda on April 21, 1911 to the City of Reading for  $1. From that time until now, the Pagoda has been loved and owned by the citizens and the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. The Pagoda now is used as a destination to watch the sun set or watch fireworks from on New Years Eve. You can always catch local high schools getting their prom pictures being taken. The Pagoda is also a well known spot for a first date. No matter why you go up to the Pagoda, you won't be disappointed by the breathtaking views. 

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