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The Stephens Cottage Honor Dorm was built in 1940. The dormitory housed female students of Park from 1946 through 1965.

  • Photo taken of the front view of Stephens Cottage.
  • Photo taken from a side angle of Stephens Cottage.
  • Photo of Stephens during its demolition.
The cottage served as a memorial for the deceased son of Charles R. Stephens, a professor of Latin and Greek at Park College. The construction of the building was completed in 1895, and was then occupied by Professor Stephens and his wife. In 1940 a new cottage was built on the site and became a home for twenty-six women. Then, in 1946, it became an honor dorm for junior and senior female students. The women set a precedent permitting that they could live on a self-governing basis without a house mother, giving them more freedom. The structure of the one-story building was designed by J.C. Long, president of the board of trustees, and Dr. Young, Park College President, at an estimated cost of $7,500. The Stephen Cottage Honor Dorm was demolished in 1965.

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