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Historic Hanna's Town
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The Murry-Beacom house was originally a Murrysville historic cabin. It was reconstructed at Hanna’s Town from 1993-1995 and used initially as the gift shop and visitors center before the Education Center was built in 2019. While it wasn’t present at Historic Hanna’s Town during the late 18th century, it is still an important part of the site’s history. It originated from Murrysville and was actually a gift from the founder to his daughter, Sarah Murry. It then was passed down until it fell into the possession of a doctors named Dr. Alonzo Beacom. That’s where the name Murry-Beacom originates.

  • Outside of the Murry-Beacom House

The house originated from Murrysville/Penn Township, it was actually built and given to one of the daughters of Murrysville Founder Jeremiah Murry. Jeremiah emigrated to America in the summer of 1783. After marrying he moved to Westmoreland County in May of 1785. Murrysville was founded in 1820, a year after the road was finished being constructed intercepting what was then Franklin Township. The house was built for one of his younger daughters Sarah Murry. After passing ownership from Sarah, Dr. Alonzo Beacom was born and raised in the house. He was known around the region for this vast knowledge of the medical world. He later moved to Kecksburg. In 1991, however, the property was sold to the landfill division and waste systems. It was finally donated, rather than see the log house demolished. It was deconstructed and rebuilt at Hanna’s Town starting from September 1993 and ending in 1995.

The Murry-Beacom house today is a textile exhibit to represent how clothes making and colonial crafting was done out of flax and wool in the 18th century. Looms of different shapes and sizes are on display to show the true complexity of the art back in colonial times.

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