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Historic Hanna's Town

Created by Jessica Lucas on June 2nd 2015, 1:49:50 pm.

Founded in 1773, Hanna's Town is a Revolutionary War era historic site near Greensburg, PA. As the first seat of government for Westmoreland County and the first English court west of the Allegheny Mountains, Hanna's Town was an outpost for settlers, travelers, and those seeking law or court interventions. During the Revolutionary War, it served as a recruitment center for the county militia and Continental Army. In 1782, the town was burned by the British and allied Seneca forces in one of the last conflicts of the Revolutionary War. Today, Hanna's Town offers guided tours of the reconstructed historic site as well as numerous educational programs. Historic Hanna's Town is a Westmoreland County park managed by the Westmoreland Historical Society, which bases its operations at the Westmoreland History Education Center on site.