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This heritage trail was created by Dr. Kimberly Redding and her students at Carroll University. The trail includes entries for individual veterans that have been placed on the map at the places where they lived prior to entering the service. The trail also includes local landmarks related to the history of World War I.

  • Clinton Breese is one of several World War I veterans from Waukesha.

The heritage trail tells a story about one community's involvement in World War I. The trail was created using a new feature within Clio that empowers universities and organizations to create a single entry that includes multiple contributing sites. While most walking tours and heritage trails in Clio consist of individual landmarks that also appear on Clio's main map, this new feature allows the sponsoring organization to create a tour using "contributing entries" that might not be individual landmarks Clio users would expect to see on an application they use for heritage tourism. It also allows organizations to create walking tours of historic districts, parks, cemeteries, and other places where there might be multiple "pins" for each contributing feature without overwhelming Clio users with large clusters of entries. Finally, as we see with this example, it also allows a university or organization to utilize a map to help tell a story about history.