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A. J. Seay Mansion

Historic Sites, Monuments, Landmarks, and Public Art (National Historic Landmark)
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The A. J. Seay historical mansion was built in 1892 By Abraham Jefferson Seay. Abraham Jefferson Seay served as second territorial governor of Oklahoma between 1892-93. The mansion is known as, "Horizon Hill" because it's situated at the highest point in town. Abraham had hopes of making Kingfisher the capital of Oklahoma and wanted the mansion to be apart of his dream.

Front view of the north-east corner of the home.
Front of the mansion showing the double door entryway.
Main entrance of the mansion with the governors study off to the left.
This is the living room and the parlor can be seen with the double pocket door off to the left.
This kitchen is located in the A. J. Seay Mansion and it connects to the dining room as well as the parlor.
Governor Abraham Jefferson's bedroom including a single doorway which leads to a bathroom.


The A. J. Seay Mansion was built in 1892 by Governor Abraham Jefferson Seay in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Governor Abraham had hopes of Kingfisher becoming the capital of Oklahoma. The state capital of Oklahoma at that time was Gutherie and the capital was Oklahoma City. He served as second territorial governor from 1892-93. Abraham was a lawyer from Virginia and he took the bar exam at the age of 29. Governor Seay supported educational opportunities for African American children and he helped secured funds for higher education facilities. After he passed the bar exam he began fighting in the Civil War. Abraham was successfully promoted to captain, major and lieutenant colonel.

 The architecture is referred to as Queen Anne-style and includes three stories. The mansion was said to have cost Abraham $11,000. The features included on the mansion are like Victorian era architecture. The mansion includes ornate turrets, ornamentation and gables. Unlike other mansion during that time, it was never decorated with the “gingerbread” look of its contemporaries.

This historical mansion is in Chisholm Trail. Chisholm trail is located along what was once the greatest cattle trail in the world. After the Land Run of 1889, many pioneer settlers wanted to homestead in Kingfish county. On the site of the trail there is a frontier village with a church, a bank and a one-room schoolhouse.


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605 Zellers Avenue
Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750
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