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Eagle Theater

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The Eagle Theater was the first permanent theater built in the state of California. It was built in 1849, in the midst of the Gold Rush. Following a flood in 1850, the theater was relocated roughly 200 feet to the east.


In 1849, Sacramento was growing rapidly, courtesy of the Gold Rush. Thousands of miners flooded into the city, and when they were not in the mines or panning for gold. they were typically in search of entertainment. Saloons and gambling halls flourished, The Eagle Theater opened in September of that year, becoming the first permanent theater in California.

The theater, a simple structure, a wood-frame building with a canvas roof. Although it was a small building with a simple, unpretentious construction, the theater cost $30,000 to build a measure of the scarcity of materials at the time.

The theater flooded in 1850 and was largely destroyed. It was eventually rebuilt at a slightly different location, 200 feet away. Over the years, the building has hosted a number of entertainment venues and has had numerous owners. Today, the theater is owned by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. and is part of the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. 


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925 Front Street
Sacramento, CA
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