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Fort Frederick


Fort Frederick was built in 1756-57 by the colony of Maryland and was a center of action during the French and Indian War. Between 1757 and 1758, small raids by Indians in nearby settlements caused settlers in the surrounding countryside to flee eastward. At the same time men of the 60th Regiment of Foot and local militia soldiers garrisoned the fort. Ranging parties were sent from the fort to patrol the area and to deter if not prevent Indian raids.

The fort was not designed to resist artillery, as it was correctly assumed that the French would not be able to transport artillery to the remote location from the west. The fort served its purpose in 1763 during Pontiac's Rebellion; however, the fort was never directly attacked. From 1777 to 1783 the fort was used as a prisoner of war camp for as many as 1,000 captured British and German soldiers.

  • Military History
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