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Bailey's Woods Trail

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The trail runs through the woods that American author William Faulkner, perhaps pondering his next great work, once often walked. Today, it connects the University of Mississippi museum and Rowen Oak, Faulkner's historic home. In 2012, the trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail.

Footbridge on Bailey's Woods Trail
Map of the trail


Once a part of the grounds and means of inspiration belonging to American writer William Faulkner, the trail was left untouched for many years until the University of Mississippi adopted it with aims to preserve its beauty and history. After the University Museum improved the trail, adding bridges and walking steps while being careful to preserve the natural beauty of the wooded ecosystem, it opened to the public in 2008. A loved site for hikers, pet walkers, visiting education groups, and university classes, the trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail in 2012. According to the National Recreation Trails website, the Bailey's Woods Trail "is approximately 3/5 mile in length, and takes an average of 20 minutes one-way on foot."


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412 University Ave.
Oxford, MS 38655
Phone Number
(662) 915-7073
Dawn until Dusk
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