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Van Cortland Golf Course

Historic Sites, Monuments, Landmarks, and Public Art (National Historic Landmark)


The Van Cortland Golf Course is the Oldest Public Golf Course and was also


The Van Cortland Golf Course was the first public golf course in the United States, it open on July 6, 1895. After the steady growth of Golf as a sport members of the Mosholu Golf Club in Riverdale decided to build a golf course in Van Cortland Park in New York City, after many unsuccessful business men tried to find enough land to have a golf course. This golf course would make you forget the urban area it was located and make you realize the grass, flowers, trees and fields. It was originally 9 holes the first 8 holes being fairly easy and about 200 yards each, the ninth hole was a bit more challenging being a 700 yard fairway making it the longest fairway in the United States. In 1899 the course expanded into a 18 hole course.

The golf course took off once it was discovered by the public and was common for 700 golfers to golf on a Saturday/ Sunday Holiday and soon there was up to 5,000 players teeing off each week. Even during the Depression and the World War II the Van Cortland Golf Course was still a hot place to golf. It is located for a quick rounds in the mornings.

During the winter of 1961 three public ski slopes opened on the hills of the golf course and was estimated to have had about 5000 people use the facility during that winter, in just a few short years winter golfers took the course over. Then in 1992 it became part of the 300 golfing facilities nationwide managed by The American Golf Course Corporation.

Today the Van Cortland Golf Course is made up of 4 more courses in Queens and a mini golf course as well. You can takes lessens by the hour or by the half hour. The average game cost between $22.00 - $40.00 dollars per person depending on what time of the weekday and $26.00 - $48.00 dollars per person depending on what time of the weekend.



115 Van Cortlandt Park S
Bronx, NY 10471
Phone Number
(718) 543-4595
  • Sports History
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