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Sturgeon Bay Third Avenue Historic District Tour - Part 2
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This property has a history of divided ownership until 1889 when L.N. Washburn -the foreman of the Sturgeon Bay Lumber Company - acquired a unified title. A.W. Lawrence, Sr. constructed the original house on this site in 1868/1869. Lawrence was one of the pioneer entrepreneurs in the Sturgeon Bay area. He was connected with lumbering, commerce, manufacturing, and banking. He sold the house to Washburn, who managed Lawrence's store, in 1880. This large, two-story dwelling is of frame construction with white painted bevel siding. It has been modified several times over the years but it still retains the architectural character of the turn of the century. This building was originally linked, in the manner of a so-called "Connecticut barn", to a woodshed and a stable which is still standing. Subsequent modifications included, by 1911, the addition of a simply detailed veranda topped by a plainly detailed balustrade. This house, now converted to commercial use, is an excellent example of the type of large residential building of wood that was once common throughout the District before commercial development intensified.1