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This historic hotel was built in 1913 by Dr. Truman E. Gore, the brother of Governor Howard M. Gore, who served West Virginia from 1925 to 1929. The hotel demonstrates elements of neoclassical design within the Renaissance Revival style. The hotel quickly earned a reputation for elegance and it was the place to be for the leaders of the city and their guests during the boom years of the 1920s. Like many other downtown hotels, business declined in the wake of smaller hotels along the interstate. As fewer guests came to the city center, the building was converted into office space. In 1998, the structure was purchased by Steve Haning who worked to restore some of the original exterior features while modernizing the interior. The building is now home to a number of businesses and individual apartments.

  • Once a luxury hotel, the building is now mixed-use commercial and residential.
  • Color postcard of the Hotel Gore in 1916
Courtesy of the Harrison County Historical Society
The Gore Hotel was one of Downtown Clarksburg's most noteable structures from the time it was built in 1913, and still is today thanks to the current owner Steve Haning. Steve hired the Diamond Development company to revitalize the building on the inside and out. The Gore Building has kept it's historical facade while undergoing architectural face-lifts and a suitable green and kahki paint job, which was the original color of the building. Today the building is home to five businesses on the first floor: Mullens & Mullens Law Firm, Big Book: Ogden Directory, Insurance America, Criss-Cross and Altered Productions Dance Studio. 

“The building is a pillar for our community and is part of our rich past.  Steve Haning has done great things to preserve the structure in addition to contributing to the City’s overall economic development.” - City Manager, Martin Howe1
The remaining floors of the Gore Building houses several luxury apartments suitable for downtown living. Owner Steve Haning has used the Gore Building to develop downtown Clarksburg and make economic growth for the community all while preserving a important part of history. 

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