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Historic Bristol Walking Tour

Created by Douglas J Harding on August 3rd 2019, 1:25:44 pm.

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The city of Bristol traces its origins back to about 1852 when a young merchant by the name of Joseph R. Anderson purchased a plot of land along the Virginia-Tennessee border from his father-in-law, Reverend James A. King. Because of the location of the land he had purchased, Anderson believed it had potential for serious growth into a major town in the region. Anderson named the town Bristol after the city in England in hopes to use its exceptional industrial developments as inspiration for growing his own Bristol in America. Around the same time, Colonel Samuel Goodson, a cousin of Rev. King's, planned a town immediately north of Anderson's Bristol, calling it Goodsonville. Goodsonville was combined with Goodson, Virginia in 1856, and sometime around 1890, Goodson also changed its name to Bristol, leading to the still-extant twin cities dynamic. This tour offers a short walk through the heart of Bristol and includes the Birthplace of County Music Museum and several historically significant buildings and landmarks adjacent to State Street which divides Virginia and Tennessee.