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Midcentury Modern Architecture Tour

Created by Kalen Martin-Gross on December 6th 2018, 7:27:09 am.

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Midcentury Modern is defined as a significant aesthetic and design movement that took place roughly between 1945-1975. Midcentury Modern architecture was influenced by the straight lines and symmetry of the International and Bauhaus movements, yet it incorporated a more organic, natural form in its designs. Midcentury Modern architecture sought to bring the outdoors in through large open interiors and windows. Chicago's central business district and other nearby neighborhoods possess several notable Midcentury Modern buildings. Beginning with Astor Tower in the Gold Coast and moving along to the famous John Hancock Building, the tour continues south to visit such buildings as Goldberg's Marina City and the Inland Steel Building. The tour then features the famous Willis Tower (formally known as the Sears Tower), and ends with Goldberg's lesser-known work of River City.