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Tour of Fort Bragg
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The 82nd Airborne War Memorial Museum is dedicated to preserving and educating the public about the history of the division. It was founded in 1945 and features more than 5,600 feet of exhibit space. Exhibits start with the division's establishment (1917) and continue through today. All of the items on display are original; they were either used by division members or against them. The museum also features a theater and archive. Outside, there are several aircraft paratroopers have used since WWII as well as captured and used artillery pieces. A number of memorials are also located on the museum grounds.

  • Visitors/veterans at the memorial
  • 82nd Airborne shoulder Patch
  • The 82nd Airborne War Memorial Museum was founded in 1945.
The 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army is an active infantry division that specializes in paratrooper assault operations into denied areas. Based In Fort Bragg, the division is part of the XVIII Airborne Corps. 

The 82nd division was established in 1917 as part of the National Army at Camp Gordon, Georgia. This initial group had members from all 48 states at the time, thus rendering the nickname "all American," which is the basis for its famed "AA" shoulder patch. The division has participated in almost every war since World War I.
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