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Downtown Pullman Walking Tour
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An excellent example of the buildings comprising the early brick-faced commercial core of downtown Pullman, this three-story building is one of a handful of structures that emerged in the wake of the 1890 Pullman fire. Erected in 1892, it followed a new municipal ordinance requiring brick construction for all new downtown buildings. The detailed brickwork suggests pride in the late nineteenth century building of Pullman's downtown.

  • View of the Mason Building, taken February 2018.
  • View of the Mason Building, taken February 2018.
  • 1910 view looking across Grand Avenue as flood waters recede. Mason Building at center. Courtesy WSU Special Collections.
Sanborn Fire Insurance maps indicate this was originally a two-story building, though historical images indicate the building still retains its original exterior appearance and an additional level was only added on the interior. This space was finished as a furniture store and offices and evolved to offices with two dwellings in an addition on the rear elevation.