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Walking tour of Cazenovia, New York
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This impressive colonnaded building, known as White Lilacs, was built in the 1830’s as a banking office. The site, originally owned by John Lincklaen, was sold for $600 to the Madison County Bank in 1833 and continued to house the bank’s cashier until 1840. It was bought at that time by Isaac Otis for $3,800. From that time on it was owned by a succession of prominent families such as the Krumbhaars and Remingtons until the 20th century when it was sold for use as a business office, as it remains today. The building is another example of the popular Greek Revival style with its cast iron lintels over the windows and doors. Interestingly, it also incorporates many Federal influences, such as the narrowing proportions of the Ionic columnns and the roof’s ornate balustrade. It is worth noting that the prominent hand-fluted columnns, the largest in Cazenovia, are made of solid logs and not pieced together as with most other examples of this ornamentation.

9 Albany St, c1885

9 Albany St, c1885
Cazenovia Public Library Archives