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This Tour is a Walking Tour.

Bridging the Divide: Museum Sites that Blend STEM and History

Created by 2175 Testbed (RIT Museum Studies) on April 18th 2018, 12:16:49 pm.

This tour maps locations in Rochester that bring together the seemingly disparate subjects of STEM and history. The goal of this project is to attract participants of all interests and backgrounds. One does not have to enjoy just history or just science to appreciate the sites. Therefore, people interested in any of these subjects, from a professional or hobbyist standpoint, who would like to explore them in further detail and explore Rochester would engage well. In addition, this tour could be a potential tool for educators, especially middle and high school teachers. The subjects are often stratified in schools, and students rarely experience or see overlap. This project can help teachers plan field trips, or even help parents introduce their children to the ways in which different fields and subjects blend. The project will not only foster new interest but also build onto the existing interests of participants. Furthermore, it tries to dive deep into specific STEM concepts, like horticulture and engineering, ones that high school students might not be exposed to. The sites on the tour can help students experience specific subject areas in a new context and present them with potential avenues to pursue in their future careers and/or college education.