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Local Landmarks of West Union
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The Doddridge County Historical Society and the Doddridge County museum are both house in the old repurposed Doddridge County Jail. This is a small county museum that showcases artifacts and documents ranging from before Civil War and forward. Doddridge County was the home of J.H. Diss DeBar, the designer of the West Virginia state flag, and a few of his sketches are on display in the museum. A main focus of the Doddridge County Historical Society is genealogy, and they are located in the family history portion of the museum.

  • Once the Doddridge County jail built in 1937, now houses the Doddridge County Historical Society.
The Doddridge County Historical Society locates unmarked and unprotected historical landmarks and artifacts in Doddridge County and preserve them to the best of their ability. The organization also obtains, records, restores, and promotes Doddridge County history and shares it with the local citizens. All of these efforts of preserving Doddridge County history are used to teach the young adults with hopes that they will become involved in the community and share their history to restore pride into the West Union area.1

Doddrige Count Roots is an affiliation of the Doddridge County Historical Society. Doddridge County Roots provides genealogy to Doddridge and surrounding counties. 
The Doddridge County Roots project evolved from a simple family tree of the Gaston and Husk families who settled in Doddridge County in the mid-1800s. Over the years, the project has grown to include over 108,000 individuals and encompasses the genealogies of many other families in the region. The family history library in which Doddridge County Roots is located, is frequented by genealogists from around the nation.2 

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