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The history of this museum dates back to 1908, when Robert Moffat Bruce donated his mansion to the leaders of Greenwich to be used as a history, science, and art museum. The museum opened with its first exhibit at the Bruce mansion four years later. Today, the Bruce Museum of Arts and Science offers a number of exhibits dedicated to archaeology, natural history, art, and the history of Native American tribes and early inhabitants of the city of Greenwich and surrounding communities.

Bruce Museum of Arts and Science

Bruce Museum of Arts and Science
Robert Moffat Bruce amassed a sizable fortune as a merchant of textiles and as a speculator and investor. He purchased this mansion in 1858 from historian and attorney Francis Lister Hawks and donated it to the town of Greenwich in 1908. The mansion was completely renovated in the early 1990s and the museum holds a collection of over 15,000 objects. 
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