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The historic Carver League Building has long been a staple of the Black community in Pittsburg, Kansas, but it has faced many challenges in recent years that have threatened its continued existence. Thanks to community efforts, it has received a new lease on life.

The Carver League Building before its 2022 renovations.

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The Carver League Building after renovations.

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The Carver League Building in Pittsburg, Kansas, was purchased by the Carver Social League in 1951 and turned into a community center for Black students and local residents. People would gather at the building for holiday events, game nights, charity activities, and more. It held a cherished place in the community during a time in which the only other place for Black community members to freely gather together was at Black churches. As a result, the building was a locus of civic engagement for the local African American community.

Over the years, however, the Carver League Building fell into disrepair. The county was planning to sell the building when community members intervened. A team of volunteers put together a plan for donor-supported renovations that preserved the original structure, helmed by a team from Pittsburg State University’s School of Construction. 

 The Carver League Building represents a cornerstone of Black history in Pittsburg, and it will continue to serve as a gathering place, a reminder of the past, and a call for continued community and civic engagement. Community members have formed a board to guide the building through the next phase of its existence as a staple of the Southeast Kansas Black community.,-construction-students-help-bring-historic-building-back-to-life.html

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