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Although the majority of visitors would think this spot is the University of Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame, it is also the site of the Camp Randall Memorial. The "Shell", as it is known, honors the soldiers of the United States Army who fought in the Civil War. The University of Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1991 and currently numbers more than 180 members.

After several failed attempts to build a gymnasium annex, the university regents decided that a practice athletic facility should be built adjacent to Camp Randall stadium so that the new building could connect to existing infrastructure and eliminate the need for separate locker rooms and shower facilities. This decision was met with strong objections by citizen and veterans groups because the site was a memorial park. A temporary trailer park housing 44 families was also located at this site.

In a bid to assuage those objecting to the plan, the university passed a resolution designating the facility as a memorial to the Union Veterans of the Civil War. A plaque was installed on the building which told the story of the history of Camp Randall, focusing on its time as a camp during the Civil War. The university also requested that the state legislature convert the remainder of the park into a perpetual memorial, honoring the men of the Union who fought in the Civil War. The protestors relented and the building was constructed. The Memorial Shell is now primarily used as an ice rink, indoor track, and a recreational facility for the student body.

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