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"Threading Through" Greenway Trail
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Head to the end of the street and look to your left to see a giant surprise on the back of this older church building. You will want to get up close to see this one.

Title: “Disco Ball”

Location: 420 E. 15th Street

Artist: Jen Hills

Date: 2021

Media: Acrylic paint

Artist Info: @2hills

Disco Ball mural

A large, neon colored disco ball is painted on the entire side of the wall.

Story: Jen Hills loves pop art, pin-ups, and all things colorful and cute. Hills is a local artist with a degree in art from East Carolina University. Her other murals are in Camp North End and South End and this wall was painted for Talking Walls 2021. Take a closer look at the brick of this older building. Notice how textured and uneven the brick appears. Hills called this a “thirsty wall” meaning that is took a lot of paint to get the really saturated colors of her composition. 

Key Formal Elements:

·     Scale

·     Geometric shapes of mirror tiles

Make the Connection: Jen Hills loves glitter. And if she can’t put glitter in a mural it will be sparkly and shiny for sure. The “Disco Ball” sits slightly off center and twirls in the light creating lots of vibrant colors. Notice how the artist’s design integrates with the windows of the building. 

Pro Tip: Catch the mural late afternoon or early sunset for the best light and color.