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"Threading Through" Greenway Trail
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From the NoDa Deli and Market, cross over N. Davidson St and then cross Parkwood to the corner. Notice how this sculpture is so different from the yellow, abstract sculpture across the street where the walk began.

Title: “Belmont Markers”

Location: Corner of Parkwood and N. Davidson

Artist: Charles Partin

Date: 2011

Media: Iodized brick relief panels in brick piers

Artist Info:

Brick sculptural totems

A tall brick sculpture stands in the middle of a small corner plaza.  Panels embedded in the brick are sculpture relief.

Story: Charles Partin is a Nebraska-based architect and sculptor and he applied for this project through the Arts & Science Council. Once chosen, he began outreach through community workshops and settled on a design that celebrates the historic architecture and textile mill history of the area. Partin sculpts wet bricks of different depths, numbers them to aid in the installation, and installs on site once the bricks are fired.

Key Formal Elements:

·     Abundant texture

·     Low-relief sculpture

Make the Connection: The simple mill houses constructed by the historic Louise Mill are celebrated by the artist. Humble dwellings made for factory workers feature gable ends and front porches. The mill constructed around 72 of these houses and while many remain today, gentrification has meant many are now lost.