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Mary and Arne Oldberg Park, located in Evanston IL near Northwestern University is dedicated to the couple, who made a significant mark in the Evanston community. Mary Oldberg (1876 – 1968) was a prominent civic leader during her 60-year residency in Evanston. Throughout this time Oldberg founded the Council of Social Agencies (United Community Services), was the President of the District 76 Board of Education (1925-1940), became a trustee and the Vice President of the Evanston Public library for 37 years, as well as maintained leadership and membership roles in a variety of welfare projects and organizations in Evanston and Chicago. 

Oldberg Park

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Statue at Oldberg Park

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After moving to Evanston in 1900, Mary Oldberg focused her attention on creating lasting change for welfare reform and health awareness through a variety of campaigns she headed as a part of the Woman’s Club of Evanston and in the Council of Social Agencies. For instance, her recurring Christmas Seals Committee was established as a charitable organization addressing the tuberculosis crisis. Oldberg remained civically active in Evanston until her death in 1968. She is memorialized as a pioneer for health and welfare reform in Evanston through a park honoring her and her husband, a renowned musician and professor at Northwestern University. 

Evanston History Center Bio Files, Evanston Library Archives

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