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We conclude our tour by returning to Kilborne Park using the sidewalk along Eastway Drive to Arnold Drive. Cross Eastway Drive on Central Avenue and continue north on Eastway Drive. The Arnold Drive entrance to Kilborne Park is a critical link for connectivity to the planned Briar Creek Greenway/Merry Oakes Neighborhood/Kilborne Park and the Central Avenue corridor to the Eastland Crossing site. However, the access has no parking, limited signage, and is part of an established small neighborhood. So, if you are willing to cross Eastway at Arnold Drive and walk to the end of the road past the bend onto Markham Drive and ahead on your right you will find the small entrance sign to the park in the clearing. Enter, it is worth it. See the entrance in the photo attached below. To quote a Merry Oakes family attempting to cross Eastway at Arnold Drive to get to Kilborne Park. "After waiting for several minutes, we got frustrated and decided to turn back. The kids were upset and said 'Bummer. We just want to go to the park!'” See the first attached video. The second video demonstrates the difficult limited access to our public parks for some residents. The signs says all are welcome, but can you safely get there?

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City Walk presents as an opportunity to highlight an important policy concern in Charlotte about neighborhood connectivity and mobility. The City of Charlotte does not have a Park and Recreation Department. Mecklenburg County serves as the park and recreation agency for the City.

The Meck Playbook Park and Recreation Master Plan is in the implementation phase. This County document for the first time integrates greenway trails into the Master Plan for parks, preserves, and facilities. This integration and connection to the City CNIP program and 2040 Comprehensive Plan are designed to support safer and greater access to multi-modal connections in our City. The City and CDOT (Charlotte Department of Transportation) conducted an Eastway Drive Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvement Study that was completed in April 2018. The City recognized the Eastway and Arnold Drive crossing as a priority for a light and safe crossing. However, there is no current funding for any of the recommended projects.

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