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New Martinsville Downtown Walking Tour

Created by Zachery Cowsert on September 8th 2020, 3:30:19 am.

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This five-stop walking tour explores the history of New Martinsville and Wetzel County, West Virginia. First settled in the late 1700s, the town of Martinsville (later New Martinsville) was established in 1848 and serves as the county seat. This short tour begins at the Wetzel County Museum, a great place to learn more about local history. The next two stops— the Adena Burial Mound Historical Marker and Levi Morgan Monument—explore the area’s rich pre-Columbian and colonial history. The fourth stop takes visitors to the Lincoln Theater, a cultural centerpiece of New Martinsville. The final stop is the Wetzel County War Memorial Building, which serves as a living monument to local citizens who’ve served in 20th century conflicts.