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The Will Low House and Studio, built in 1891, was originally owned by famous artist, muralist, and designer of stain glass, Will Hicok Low. After buying the home in 1896, he made additions, added large scale canvases, and turned the house into his art studio. This site is part of the Lawrence Park Historic District, which contains 94 buildings that were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. Until the 1960s, a variety of famous artists owned this home.

  • artwork by Will Low
  • Will Low working on a Canvas in his art studio
  • Image of Will Low House and Studio driveway

Will Low, an American artist, muralist, and designed of stain glass, was born in 1853 in Albany, New York. In 1873, he entered the atelier of Jean Leon Gerome in the Ecole des Beaux Arts at Paris, France. Returning to New York, Low became a member of the Society of American Artists in 1878 and the National Academy of Design in 1890. Low's worked in the neo-classical style and his pictures of New England and illustrations of John Keats works brought him prominence.

The Will Low House and Studio at 25 Prescott Avenue, Bronxville, New York, was built in 1891 in Lawrence Park. With Low's ownership in 1896, the home would become a unique residence and art studio. Lawrence Park was owned by William Van Duzer Lawrence who had been encouraging artists to come and purchase land in Westchester.

Many of Will Low's works consisted of large scale canvases that were mounted as murals in mansions and public buildings. In order to accommodate his work, he added a large studio wing, which became the most prominent feature of his house. The house was designed by William A. Bates and serves as a fine example of the Shingle style with its undulating surfaces.

Will Low's art is still available at museums to the public today. For example, Love Disarmed (1889) can be seen at the Brooklyn Museum along with Self Portrait (1876) at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Will Low's home, along with all of Lawrence Park, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. Artists continued to live in the house until 1965.

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