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William Behringer was a world traveler and collected many things in his lifetime. The museum opened in 1950 to showcase many of interesting finds Behinger had collected from various animals to American Indian artifacts. The museum now serves to preserve regional history in the Ohio River Valley. It is located in DeVou Park.

  • The Behringer-Crawford Museum is located in Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky and features a wealth of regional history.

The Museum, now named Behringer-Crawford after its first curator and archaeologist, Ellis Crawford. It features a number of interactive exhibits and activities natural history collections, artwork and rotating exhibits as well as educational programming for all ages. On-site digs led by Crawford turned up a number of finds including large paleo bones.

The award-winning Museum has been expanded through the years. An outdoor amphitheater was added to allow for additional special programming. The Museum has documented historic Civil War battery sites including some in Devou Park. It is located on the Civil War Discovery Trail. Many of the permanent themed collections showcase the regions history and needs.

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