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The Carson Mansion is a historic home located in Eureka, California. It was built by lumber baron William Carson in 1886 after two years of construction. The mansion was designed by architect Samuel Newsom and Joseph Cather in the American Queen Anne style. It is considered one of the finest examples of this stye in the country. Since 1950 it has been home to a private organization called the Ingomar Club and is not open for tours. However, those interested can view pictures of the mansion and learn about the background of its builder on the club's website (please see the link below).

William Carson was born in 1825 in New Brunswick, Canada and eventually made his way to California during the Gold Rush. He worked in the lumber industry for many years before starting his own company with John Dolbeer in 1863. In 1881, Carson invented the first steam powered saw which revolutionized the industry and helped make him very wealthy. The Pacific Lumber Company bought the company in 1950 and the Carson family sold the house to businessman who then founded the Ingomar Club.
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