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Thomas Green was a soldier who fought in the Texas Revolution of 1835-36 as well as the Civil War, where he fought for the Confederacy and became a brigadier general. He died in the Red River Campaign during the Civil War.

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Green was born in Virginia in 1814. In 1817, the Green family moved to Tennessee. Green would go on to earn a degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. After completing his degree, he began studying law with his father, a judge on the Tennessee Supreme Court. Green moved to Texas in order to fight in the Texas Revolution. During the war, he fought under Sam Houston. After the war, he moved back to Tennessee in order to continue his law studies. 

In 1837, Green moved to Fayette County, Texas after receiving a land grant for his service during the revolution. He became involved in the political system of The Texas Republic, serving a number of offices. He served as the engrossing clerk for the Texas House of Representatives from 1837-1839. In 1839, he served as a representative for Fayette County in the House of Representatives in the Fourth Texas Congress. He served one term before resuming his clerk position. He was the Secretary of the Senate in the Sixth and Eighth Texas Congress. He served as the clerk of the Supreme Court of Texas from 1841-1861, both when Texas was a republic and after it was incorporated as a U.S. state. During the Red River Campaign, where he suffers fatal wounds, Green led his cavalry troops from Texas to Louisiana in an effort to stop Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks advancing towards Shreveport, Louisiana. A Texas soldier who fought under Green once said about him: "He was a man who, when out of whiskey, was a mild-mannered gentleman, but when in good supply of old burst-head was all fight."