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Historic Sotterley Visitors' Center is where you park and check-in to the museum. The center is open during guided tour season, May-Oct. Fri.-Sat. 10 AM -4 PM, Sun. 12-4 PM. You can buy admission to the grounds, add a guided tour to your experience, browse the Museum Store, watch an introductory video, become a supporter to help us preserve history, refresh yourself, use necessary facilities and more. Please check Sotterley's website, for holiday or special event closures before your visit. Historic Sotterley grounds are open seven days a week most every day of the year, 10 AM-4 PM. When the visitor center is closed, please help us maintain the site by dropping your grounds fee in the box provided. Pick up some information about Sotterley and download this Sotterley tour on your Clio app.

Sotterley Visitors' Center and Museum Store entrance

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Visitors' Center and Museum Store Parking

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1910 section of the Knott House

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Side view of Knott House

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Sotterley's Visitors' Center is housed in one of its historic structures. Known as the Knott House, the original section of the house and porch that faces Wharf Road, was built in 1910 by the owner of Sotterley as a home for the family of Charles and India Knott. Knott was the site farm manager from 1910-1960. As the years passed and the family grew, the house expanded. The house was surrounded by a large farm complex. Most of these farm buildings have since either been moved or torn down. Look around the perimeter of the house and see if you can spot some of the old farm buildings that remain. The museum has used this structure to house other families, and it was once used as an education center. Since 2009, it has housed Sotterley's Visitors' Center and Museum Store. Historic Sotterley is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity.

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Historic Sotterley

Historic Sotterley

Historic Sotterley

Historic Sotterley