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The Honda Center is an indoor arena located in Anaheim, California. The Honda Center was formally known as the Anaheim Center during its construction and completion in the year 1993. The name changed to the Honda Center after Honda paid for the naming rights over the span of 15 years. This arena is the NHL's fourth-oldest stadium. The Honda Center is home to the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League. Not only is the Honda Center a staple for the sport of ice hockey but this venue hold MMA and pro-wrestling matches too. Finally, due to the arenas' capacity and size, many artists and entertainers hold shows at the Honda Center.

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The Honda Center finished its construction in 1993 and was known at the time as the Anaheim Arena. Soon after construction was finished the naming rights for the arena were bought by Arrowhead Water. The name remained the same, but it was used as a way to advertise for Arrowhead Water. In a short period of time after the Mighty Duck had formed, Disney started to refer to the arena as the "Pond of Anaheim". This remained the name of the arena up until Honda bought the naming rights in 2006 and renamed it to the Honda Center.

By the 1990's the sport of hockey was rapidly growing within America. At this point the NHL was expanding its market to San Jose and Tampa Bay teams. The combination of hockeys' growing popularity and the creation of Disney's "The Mighty Ducks" movie lead Michael Eisner to come up with the idea of creating a Mighty Ducks team in Anaheim. The NHL "Mighty Duck" took the ice at the Honda Center in the year 1993 and became a symbol for brand marketing and movie franchising.

Although the mighty ducks of Anaheim were very popular, they were met with three consecutive losing seasons at the Honda Center. During the 1996-97 season the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim had their first playoff game at the Honda Center. Not only did The Ducks make it to their first playoff game, but in the 2003-04 season the team was propelled to the Stanley Cup finals. Unfortunately, that year ended when they lost to the New Jersey Devils that game. Again the Anaheim ducks were met with the challenges of trying to get past the first and second rounds of the playoffs over the next few year. Luckily, this unfortunate streak took a turn for the better at a home game where the Anaheim Ducks beat the Edmonton Oilers in the 2017-18 season.

Not only was the Honda Center a staple for the NHL, but the venue hosted MMA, Pro-wrestling, and concerts. Affliction: Banned, which was a mixed martial arts fighting event took place at the Honda Center in 2008. Various UFC fights were held at the Honda Center, some of which include: UFC 59, UFC 63, UFC 76, UFC 121, and UFC 214. Some of the artists that have performed at the Honda Center include: Smashing Pumpkins, Janet Jackson, Britney Spires, K-Pop, and Mariah Carey.

Finally, the Honda Center holds some interesting facts that make it the stadium it is today. Construction of the Honda Center started in June of 1991 and was completed in June of 1993. The arena seats 17,174 spectators in an ice hockey formation. The complete arena is about 650,000 square feet. The roof is more than 100 feet above the floor and spans an area of 444ft by 329ft.

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