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Poipu Bay Golf Course hosted many events from 1994-2006. Poipu is where Tiger started out his amateur career. Woods went on to win four straight out of the seven years. Tiger went on to lose to Ernie Els in his first event qualifying in 1997. This was Tigers only loose before winning five straight events. Tiger stopped participating in this PGA Grand Slam once Poipu Bay Golf Course stopped hosting PGA events in 2006.

"From 1994-2006, Poipu Bay Golf Course played host to the annual PGA Grand Slam of Golf, one of the most prestigious competitions in the golf world. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf, established in 1979, has the most difficult entry requirement of any event in golf. Each year the PGA of America invites only the winners of the four major championships 36-hole stroke-play event conducted over two days, with the four players vying for a purse of well over a million dollars." This golf course has hosted many events with many great all-time golfers and has been one of the many to have a good rich history around their golf course. Tiger refers to this course and his best course he achieved par at. Out of the 13 years this course held a PGA Championship here Tiger has one seven of the 13 events that were held here.

Overtime Tiger so established that this was one of his favorite courses that he played at and also that he could get it done at this golf course winning most of the events while the golf course was still holding PGA grand slam tour championships. Overtime this became one of the most visited golf courses as many huge names of golf were sure to show up to this beautiful course in Hawaii.

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