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Indian Mound Cemetery is located on land that was utilized as a burial ground prior to the arrival of settlers of European descent. In 1860, land adjacent to the Native American burial mound was donated by local resident David Gibson for the purpose of creating a cemetery. This area was also the site of an early Civil War skirmish as Union forces advanced on Confederate-held positions early in the war/ The cemetery includes graves of several leading political leaders including West Virginia governors and descendants of George Washington.

  • This historical marker is located next to the Confederate Memorial which was erected by white Confederate sympathizers shortly after the Civil War.
  • Indian Mound Cemetery
  • Confederate Memorial
  • Parsons Bell tower

The cemetery is home to a monument constructed by the Confederate Memorial Association that was dedicated in September of 1867 and includes the words "Southern Rights" carved into stone. The first Confederate Monument erected in a state that remained loyal to the Union, the monument includes the following inscription: "The Daughters of Old Hampshire erect this tribute of affection to her heroic Sons, who fell in defense of Southern Rights."

The graves in the cemetery tell the story of life in Hampshire County.

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