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Angel Mounds State Park was part of Indiana's history even before Indiana was a state. Angel Mounds State park was one of the busiest places in what we call Indiana today. The Angel in Angel Mounds State Park does not come from any Native American name. It comes from the Angel Family who the land was purchased from.

Angel Mounds was a historic metropolis for the Mississippians, a Native American tribe, almost one-thousand years ago. Angel Mounds is located near Evansville, IN on the Ohio River. The location of this metropolis was very important as the water was a source of transportation, food and drink for the Native American tribe. At the peak, this village had close to 1,000 inhabitants. The Mississippian people left the Angel Mounds site long before any Europeans were exploring North America. It is thought that over hunting and drought were the reason for the Mississippian people leaving this site on the Ohio River. After they left, the Shawnee and Miami tribe moved into the land they once used.

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