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This house is the home of Emilia (Mimi) Style’s, one of Washington Grove’s non-native residents. As you can see, the tree growing through the porch makes this house look extremely unique from the outside! It is unique all around because of the love and care Mimi has put into it.

301 First Avenue. Originally from Chicago, Mimi came to Washington Grove in early 1988 because she saw a newspaper advertisement for a listed house in Washington Grove. Although the advertised house did not fit her taste, 301 First Avenue was for sale and it captured her heart. For five years Mimi rented out the house and was able to move in during the mid-1990s. Throughout the early 2000s, Mimi renovated her home to include a new basement, kitchen, porch, roof, and more appropriate siding. Mimi’s goal was to bring the house to its former self and make it more livable for a year-round stay.

Today, the house features the iconic double-door entrance, evoking the tent flaps of the earliest summer canvas tents in Washington Grove, and were once a standard of the Carpenter Gothic cottages you see around you.

To answer two of Mimi’s most frequently asked questions: yes the openings in the porch floor and roof do need to be enlarged every few years to accommodate the ever-growing tree; and yes the windows in the arched frame above those double doors are operational by means of pulleys! Images will be added after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and I can resume research.

Emilia (Mimi) Styles, 301 First Avenue, received on February 21, 2020.