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Lucasfilms created iconic films that introduced a whole new medium of films. The science fiction movie genre was created because of the work from the initial film produced from this company. With the premier of many films after the initial in 1977, sparked not just a new wave of space and futuristic actions, but a new wave for cinema in general.

With the first film to be produced, Star Wars (Lucas, 1977) cinema was changed into creating a whole new medium of films. This created a rise in cinema as a whole. Creating a new image for a modern Hollywood blockbuster. The images captured in the camera frame of the film was something no one has seen before and has been replicated as time progressed.

This studio helped open the floodgates for producers to create films that follow the same path path of storytelling and cinematic images. Soon after, more films form the science fiction genre started to be produced. The late 70's and early 80's carry such rich history in the science fiction genre of cinema. Where if someone mentioned a line from a film in that time period, most likely a person can name the movie.

Lucasfilms started the new modern wave of cinema. By what the film looks like, how it grabs the viewer emotionally, and how to tell a great story. If it was not for Lucasfilms, what would the modern Hollywood film look like to this day? The world may never know.