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A chronicle of events that occurred in the Smithfield area (now called Middleway) during 1862, and 1863. In August 1862, Jefferson County residents Lt. George Baylor and Lt. Milton Rouss of Company “B,” 12th Virginia Cavalry, led 30 troopers to attack the Winchester & Potomac Railroad between Summit Point and Cameron’s Depot. The raid was successful resulting in the capture of eight Union soldiers, $4,000 in cash, and food stores. After sending the prisoners south, Rouss and Baylor proceeded to Smithfield where they took 17 Union prisoners and “other trappings.” The express car was opened, where they found baskets of champagne and boxes of fruit. It is needless to say, as the men were thirsty and hungry, they proceeded to partake of these good things.” In February 1863 Rouss and Baylor returned to Summit Point where they learned that a scouting party of 21 Union troopers were on the road to Smithfield. Proceeding to Smithfield the Confederates ran into the rear of the Union scouting party killing four Union troopers, wounding seven, and capturing seven men and their horses without suffering a Confederate loss. After leaving Smithfield, the Union cavalry pursued the Confederates capturing Lt. George Baylor.

"Military Operations in Jefferson County Virginia (Now West Virginia) 1861–1865," 

Originally Published by Authority of Jefferson County Camp, No. 123 United Confederate Veterans (1911), Republished with an Introduction by James C. Holland by Authority of Henry Kyd Douglas Camp, No. 199 Sons of Confederate Veterans (2004).