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At the end of the War, Col. John S. Mosby formed Company “H,” Mosby’s Cavalry Regiment with Capt. George Baylor in charge. On April 6th, 1865, Company “H” crossed the Shenandoah River at Snickers Ferry headed towards Charles Town. Along the way Baylor learned that the “Loudoun Rangers,” a Union cavalry troop recruited primarily from Loudoun County, were in camp near Keye’s Switch (Millville). “….Mosby’s men had long been desirous of capturing them.” “At 10 a. m. Baylor’s men passed through Union pickets and came upon the Ranger’s camp. Although outnumbered Baylor ordered his men to charge the Union men. Catching the Loudoun men completely off guard, “….the loss of the enemy was 2 killed, 4 wounded, 65 prisoners, 81 horses equipments; our loss, one wounded, Frank Helm of Warrenton.”

"Military Operations in Jefferson County Virginia (Now West Virginia) 1861–1865," 

Originally Published by Authority of Jefferson County Camp, No. 123 United Confederate Veterans (1911), Republished with an Introduction by James C. Holland by Authority of Henry Kyd Douglas Camp, No. 199 Sons of Confederate Veterans (2004).