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Constructed in 1880, the Eureka County Courthouse is perhaps the most important landmark in the city. It is an excellent example of the Italianate architectural style. The two-story building features a red-brick facade, a small balcony over the main entrance, and decorative brickwork. It remains the county courthouse today and is a contributing property of the Eureka Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • The Eureka County Courthouse is the most striking landmark in the city. It has been the seat of the county government since 1880.

The courthouse is the second one to served the city. The first one, which was located on the very same spot, was built shortly after the county was founded 1873. It was, however, built out of wood, as were all the other buildings in the town. In 1879, a fire destroyed much of the town, prompting officials to build a new courthouse with brick. The second floor features a large, well-preserved courtroom with a suspended gallery that seats 100 visitors, a pressed-tin ceiling, and elaborate woodwork. The courthouse was renovated in 1995. It is located across the street from the Eureka Opera House, another historic building that is also part of the historic district.

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