Located at the intersection of Liberty, Barton, and George Streets, the Fredericksburg Area War Memorial Park lists over 400 names of veterans from Caroline, King George, Orange, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Fredericksburg who died in service. The memorial is six granite slabs positioned in a semi circle, each representing different wars (World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Global War On Terror). On top of the memorial, the words, “OUR FALLEN HEROES” appear in bronze letters. The Potomac Region Veterans Council designed and donated the structure. On both sides of the memorial is a Walk of Honor and has inscribed bricks with the names of soldiers not eligible for inclusion on the memorial. Also on the site is a Navy anti-aircraft gun and flagpole with a plaque paying tribute to those who served in World War I. The memorial took the Fredericksburg Area Veterans Council 10 years to build, and was dedicated on Sept. 13, 2008. On Nov. 8 of that year, the memorial was turned over to the city of Fredericksburg.

  • War Memorial from a distance
    War Memorial from a distance
  • Close up of memorial
    Close up of memorial

Memorial Day and Veterans Day events are held at the park annually. 

In 2015, the Memorial was defaced with graffiti, investigation still going. Since then the Memorial was cleaned.