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The Bennettsville Female Academy dates back to 1833. It was originally a one-room schoolhouse built by the Bennettsville Academical Society and operated as a private school for girls until the town's graded schools began in 1881. A second room was added in the 1840s. The Bennettsville Female Academy was originally located on East Main Street and was later moved to its present location and restored as a project of the Marlborough Historical Society. A similar school, the Bennettsville Male Academy, was located on West Main Street but is no longer standing.

The Bennettsville Female Academy is part of the Marlboro County Historical Complex in downtown Bennettsville. It is located adjacent to the Jennings-Brown House and behind the Marlboro County Historical Museum. Anyone who would like to see the Bennettsville Female Academy may make arrangements through the Marlboro County Historical Museum by calling 843-479-5624