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The Indiana Memorial Union was built in 1932 and is one of the largest student unions in the United States. It’s main purpose is to be the hub of the campus where student, teachers, faculty, alumni, visitors, and staff can come and catch up while enjoying some food or just relaxing. The IMU contains a hotel, bowling alley, a bookstore, a movie theatre, restaurants, and many more. The building was designed by the firm Granger and Bollenbacher. It installed the Biddle Hotel in 1960 and has 189 rooms for visitors and also has around 50,00 square feet for conferences.

Jordan Field was located where the Indiana Memorial Union parking lot is now. Jordan Field was used for numerous activities such as football games, baseball games, after school activities, and many more. In 1943 Jordan Field was the main practice field for IU’s baseball team and was also the main field for baseball games. Since the Cincinnati Reds came to Bloomington for spring training they used Jordan Field as much as they could. Unfortunately their first time here was not too helpful as rain was a big issue and caused them to practice more inside. When it was nice out they were on that field for almost the whole day and used it to scrimmage numerous other teams who took the drive down. The 1943 Cincinnati Reds even brought in their own groundskeeper to make sure the field was in good conditions to play and practice one. On April 8, the first reported exhibition game held on Jordan Field was between the Cincinnati Reds and Indianapolis Indians with the Reds winning 8-6 in front of 2,000 students, townspeople, visitors, soldiers, and Marines.

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