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Wharton Street is located in the northeastern boundary of the original 16 squares. At its intersection with Jackson Street is the northernmost corner. The houses on three of the corners of this block are log cabins dating to the early 1800s. If you study the features of these buildings you’ll be able to pick out the narrow two story original structures within their outer shells of modern siding and additions. The Croy-Dawson house is one of the three log cabins on this block and was owned by the same family for nearly 160 years. The home was a wedding gift to its first owners William and Rosanna Croy-Dawson in 1840 and stayed in the family for 160 years. The boxwoods on the property are said to have been transplanted from Mt Vernon, the home of George Washington. Diagonally opposite the Croy-Dawson house on the east corner of Roanoke and Wharton Streets is the Martin-Richardson house built in the 1860s. Notice the dramatic difference on the architecture of these town homes built just twenty years apart